Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't mess with Mother nature...

Some of you know that we replaced the north side of our foundation last month, which contributed to the following scenario.
Stage right at foot of stairs:
Mary feels something furry at her toes; looks down and screams as humongous (well 5")rat sinks his teeth into her bare foot...picture middle aged girly moment
Panic ensues and doctor is called when one tiny droplet of blood appears at the base of little toe. In the mean time, rat has disappeared into the closet under the stairs.
An hour later, Mary has returned home from her first Dr's visit in six years, Tetnus updated, antibiotics in hand and waiting to see if the CDC thinks the rat bite warrants Rabies shots..The rat is still in the closet, unaware of the giant trap being set for him...
3:00...No Rabies shots needed...The Rat set off the trap and screamed but escaped...He is either dead or cunning..
Story to be continued...


  1. Oh no!!! I'll call you tomorrow!!

  2. GO PETER!!

    Bet you're wearing shoes!